HP g6 weak wireless issue resolved

I recently bought HP g6 i5 and very first day got issue of weak wireless signals. First i thought its  just the router issue but it kept as it is for week or so. 

Got frustrated with it and started googling it. Read some different posts so gonna conclude them.

One post said remove the back cover and check if wireless antennas are not connected to the wireless card. This may be one of the issue. It resolved the issue of the person who posted it.

Another said that just update the wlan broadcomm drivers. It can be done by going into the device manager and clicking expand on the network adapters. Find wireless there and right click on it and update drivers. It works on windows 7. You can also download the drivers from hp site. 

Both are the solutions. I followed the second one n got my laptops signal strength to maximum.

Also there is an option in device manager about the wireless signal. Do check it if its 100% or not.

If none of above works then pray your laptop is in warranty :)


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