15 Master Minds Who Changed the Internet Forever | Tempting Magazine

very interesting and informative..
These faces should be remembered because they have brought revolution to the internet world.

15 Master Minds Who Changed the Internet Forever | Tempting Magazine


CLR Triggers for SQL Server 2005: ASP Alliance

Triggers are very important now a days. In SQL we usually need to capture insert update and delete operation performed on any table.
Triggers can be applied on tables. Different types of Triggers are there like AFTER, INSTEAD OF, MULTIPLE etc.

CLR Triggers for SQL Server 2005: ASP Alliance

ASP.NET AJAX Overview The UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress Controls UpdatePanel Control Overview

A very nice article about the Update Panel. It is used when we just want to update certain page contents and not the whole page.

ASP.NET AJAX Overview The UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress Controls UpdatePanel Control Overview


Help and Support on RecoverAnyPassword.com

MOre info coming soon........... keep visiting

Help and Support on RecoverAnyPassword.com


ScriptCase - Framework PHP Ajax


What is BlogThis! ? - Blogger Help

Numion - YourSpeed and SiteSpeed

Very interesting site. This site has some tools with the hlp of which we can find the loading time of our website or any website. Also we can find the stat of our website. Nice site for the developers to find out the loading time of their websites.

Numion - YourSpeed and SiteSpeed


Atom Vs RSS??

I have read this article which emphasis on the difference between Atom & RSS feeds. Hope u will also get benefit from it..

click ProBlogger..... to read full article.

SourceForge ... Open Source

This site provides softwares of any type. Their source is also available and users can modify them according to their needs. SourceForge's media and e-commerce web sites connect millions of influential technology professionals and enthusiasts each day. Combining user-developed content, online marketplaces and e-commerce, SourceForge is the global technology community's nexus for information exchange, goods for geeks, and open source software distribution and services.

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serVonic Software ready for Open Source PBX - Unified Messaging for Asterisk

serVonic’s unified messaging solution IXI-UMS now can also be connected to Asterisk PBX’s successfully and therewith is "Ready for Open Source PBX". The connection can be realized via SIP or ISDN.

Click Here to read more about this.


Function for Calculating Difference between two dates....

This function will calculate the date difference from today to the date passed to this function.

Send it the Date in the form of DateTime in asp.net C#.

int[] monthDay = new int[12] { 31, -1, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31 };
DateTime fromDate=DateTime.Now ;
DateTime toDate=dt;
string difference;
int year;
int month;
int day;
int increment = 0;

if (fromDate.Day > toDate.Day)
increment = monthDay[fromDate.Month - 1];


if (increment == -1)
if (DateTime.IsLeapYear(fromDate.Year))

increment = 29;
increment = 28;
if (increment != 0)
day = (toDate.Day + increment) - fromDate.Day;
increment = 1;
day = toDate.Day - fromDate.Day;

if ((fromDate.Month + increment) > toDate.Month)
month = (toDate.Month + 12) - (fromDate.Month + increment);
increment = 1;
month = (toDate.Month) - (fromDate.Month + increment);
increment = 0;

year = toDate.Year - (fromDate.Year + increment);
if( year==0 && month==0 && day==0 )
if ((DateTime.Now.Hour - toDate.Hour)==0)
return difference = ((DateTime.Now.Minute - toDate.Minute) + " m ").ToString();
return difference=((DateTime.Now.Hour-toDate.Hour)+" h ").ToString();

It receives data in the form of DateTime.....

Changing Header Text of GridView Dynamically.. Header Test Change

I am working on a project and find it a bit tricky to change the header text of grid view by data binding.

1. First of all you have to set the property of the page on which you are using grid view.

2. Set the property from the data you brought from the database(or with any data on run time)

3.Now on Page Load do this

GdvMain.Columns[0].HeaderText = heading;

GdvMain is the grid view
heading is the property i set(meaning string containing text u want to see at grid view header)

4. This will set the header text of grid view to the text you want.

If you have any queries u are welcome......


Microsoft Unified Communication (Part-3)

MS unified Communication provides the facility of integrating it with previous infrastructure if any organization.
Telephones run on switches where as Computers run on IP. Companies has to buy both infrastructures to make communication. huge sum of communication cost is spent on maintaining, supporting these infrastructures. Solution for this is VoIP. It enables the companies to convert their Phone calls over the IP.
But Microsoft has better solution for this. They have provided the software like MS office COmmunication Server 2007 and MS Exchange Server 2007 which fills this gap and allows users to make communication over any medium...



Microsoft Unified Communication(Part-2)

Microsoft Unified Communication is going to be applied first time in Pakistan at Visual Soft in Rawalpindi. With this it is hoped that the company will be more prosperous and will progress rapidly. As its employees are working in different Middle East and communicating with them is taking quite time and cost. With Microsoft Unified Communication implemented at Visual Soft it will be able to lower its communication costs with its employees.
Also competition will be more with its implementation.
Looking forward to it...

MOre COming Soon............

Microsoft Unified Communication

Its a revolution in the communication world. It provides a one click interface for all the communication media like voice, audio, video, fax etc. Its hosted version is also available in the form of Microsoft Office Server 2007. Its main components are Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, Windows Mobile Device etc.

On next posts its main features and its hardware will be discussed.

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